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Hole-in-one: golf vacation in Tanzania

Golf vacation in Tanzania is like a hole-in-one! It's about golfing in front of a breathtaking scenery. Elephants, lions, antelopes and wildebeest are to be discovered on safari. It’s about the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar and the island's history that you encounter in the winding alleys.
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A festival for children with disabilities

It is noon in Tengeru, a town not far from Arusha. With 28 degrees Celsius, it is a mild day in Northeastern Tanzania. In the yard of the Patandi School it smells deliciously of fried food; Chicken, goat and beef - and excited laughter of children resounds in the wind. Guruguru Safaris is celebrating the end of a difficult (school) year with a barbecue for the 103 children from Patandi School along with their teachers.
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‘Oldoinyo Lengai named as the mountain of God

If you heard, the biggest caldera crater in Africa called Ngorongoro Crater, located northern part of Tanzania where the real safaris adventures and big game drive leading in Africa.

Elevation of the mountain is 3000 metres above sea-level, Ol Doinyo Lengai, the sacred mountain of the Masai towers above the remote plains south of Lake Natron in Tanzania’s Arusha region. The local Masai respect it as holy Mountain of God and home to their God Ngai, geologists study the mountain for its unique lava and travellers attempt to capture its mystic aura in photographs.

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