Born deaf and mute in Tanzania. The wonderful story of a brave boy.

In the current time when traveling is not possible, we would like to take you on a journey of a different kind. We want to tell you the story of a deaf and mute boy who bravely went his way despite the most adverse circumstances.

1997 On the edge of Ngorongoro Crater

Our story begins in 1997 in a small Maasai village on the edge of the Ngorongoro crater: the boy Meibaku saw the light of day. As the Masai tradition, his peers at the age of 5 to 15 learn to look after cattle and goats and other activities. This strengthens the cohesion of the extended family. The young men then leave their tribe to return as Masai warriors. But this path is not intended for Meibaku because he was born deaf and mute.

Outcast and left alone

Meibaku is excluded from his family and society entirely, rejected and left alone. Because He and his family are unable to communicate with him, and so Meibaku finds himself on the crater edge road for tourists, Fate is important to him because his home – the Ngorongoro conservation area – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the World ‘s tourism spot where the largest Caldera crater in Africa with a huge density of a wildlife down on the crater floor.

The tourists’ attention is drawn to him by his friendly waving on the side of the road. One of the safari car stoped for a short capture greeting, but communication was not possible due to Meibakus can’t neither speak nor hearing, by that way Masai, some drivers decide to help him and to communicate with Ngorongoro Conservation Authority for the help for deaf school and mute school.

Meibaku admitted to Patandi-School

After all the effort, Meibaku is admitted to Pantandi school in Tengeru area at Arusha region, Patandi school teaches deaf, mute, blind and other children with disabilities, at this stage Meibaku started to feel he is in the another World, he learns signs languages, read and write in English and Swahili, and he becomes clearly understood in terms of communication, He’s very social, sensitive and prudent person – despite or maybe because of his past.

Ralf meets Meibaku

Maibaku and Ralf
Ralf Sandner partnered with Peter Mponda managing a safari company ‘Guruguru Safaris Ltd’ whereby the company founded 2017 in Tanzania. Ralf traveled to Tanzania for the first time in 2012, he works as a volunteer at Pantandi School, where he met Meibaku, for this way we can say that the dark and the light meets together and a wonderful friendship started, neither of them knows the other’s language, culture and origin could hardly be more different and yet, Ralf and Meibaku learns a lot from each other and enjoy every moment together, Ralf regularly returns to Tanzania especially at Pantandi school, Ralf also has a friendship with the headmistress Anna – a she likes her work, she’s a teacher who sees her job as a vocation.

The journey continues

After the basic foundation what Meibaku has got, it’s time for him to proceed for what will bring the future of him, and Meibaku has to left from the school regarding to his age nearly 14 years old, one thing is certain: Meibaku and Ralf’s story is not over yet, Together they want to continue on the path. With Anna’s recommendation and the financial help from Guruguru Safaris company, Meibaku started a short course as an electrician, But it quickly becomes clear

that with his handicap it is impossible to practice this professional, but giving up is not an option, it is thanks to Anna that we have lost neither courage nor motivation, and finally Meibaku finds a special training school as a bakery man which is suitable for him.

We want to shape the future

Maibaku and Peter
Guruguru Safaris has been funding Meibaku as an apprentice since 2017. Because: Ralf and Peter are passionate about finding future prospects and realising them on site. We are happy to present this to our guests, customers and partners and show what is impossible can be possible.

Meibaku graduation at dilemma

Maibaku was supposed to graduate as a baker man this year, but due to the corona pandemic, the government of Tanzania decided to lock down all schools, colleges and universities for the precaution, Guruguru Safaris company also face major challenges as the tourism industry has collapsed, Now it’s time to keep your nerve and go on courageously.

We continue to support “our first apprentice” and help him through the exam, because with the journeyman’s certificate the chance for Meibaku to live an independent life in Tanzania as a deaf-mute grows. And when the time is right again, we look forward to hearing from you. Then we look forward to bringing you closer to Tanzania – with its breathtaking landscapes, unique animal encounters, paradisiacal beaches and the most hospitable people. Life is an adventure!

Life is adventure! And adventure is our nature!