This Charity project supports their future 

"There is only one thing that is more expensive in the long run than education: No education."– John F. Kennedy

We love Tanzania: its nature, its wild animals, but above all its people. And that's exactly why we support children from the Patandi School in Tengeru, a village near Arusha. We want to make possible a brighter future for young people with and without handicaps - and now we are looking for a company of heroes! Because the adventure of life needs heroes.

Are you joining us?

Because education is a matter of the heart

Our nature is your adventure, our heart is beating for education. This is why we are committed to those for whom education is still a luxury. The Patandi School in Tanzania is state-owned and the lessons themselves are free of charge … but attending the school involves many other costs. Often families cannot bear these costs. Among other things, there is a lack of money for food, clothing, school materials, medicines and much more.

We would love to change that – with your help!

Here's how you can help!

Whether you are a committed parent of a school association, a sports club, a lively poker game club, a responsible company or just an individual who wants to help: there are many ways to support us! On the one hand, you have the opportunity to support individual children for a whole school year and on the other hand, you can help supply for the local needs – like providing a fruit tree for healthy nutrition. We have put together various hero packages for you that you can easily book.

Do you have any questions? May we put together an individual package for you?

You are also welcome to contact us personally!

Our hero packages

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The initiators behind the charity project

In every crisis there is an opportunity - and Guruguru Safaris is using this chance, investing hearts and hands, into supporting the children in the Patandi school. When the Corona restrictions made traveling in Tanzania impossible, the safari vehicle quickly became an auxiliary vehicle for children from the Patandi School, for example for hospital trips. From this, the idea for the charity project "Affair of the heart" was born.

Peter Osmund Mponda (left in the photo) of Guruguru Safaris gives his guests unique experiences in Tanzania as a safari guide. He takes care of the humanitarian aid measures on site.

Ralf Sandner (photo on the right) supports and takes care of the relief efforts coming from Germany. After he visited Tanzania for the first time in 2012, the country has been a second home for him and the well-being of its people is a matter close to his heart.

Heroes travel with Guruguru Safaris! Because: We give a warm meal to the Patandi school for each guest per day.