Guruguru Safaris brings luck to the Patandi school

Patandi School is a school for children with and without disabilities in Tengeru, a village near Arusha in Tanzania. New Year’s Eve is usually a day like any other for these children. Not so this year!

For the second time at the end of the year Guruguru Safaris organized a special banquet in cooperation with Heinemann Optik & Akustik. And it isn’t going to be the last. The greatest gift for the organizers Anna Shayo, Peter Mponda and Ralf Sandner is the children’s laughter.

Guruguru Safaris turns the crisis into an opportunity

As corona pandemic broke out, the tourism industry in Tanzania collapsed and is only slowly recovering. But instead of giving up Guruguru Safaris turned the safari vehicle into an ambulance, a transporter for children from the Patandi school, especially for those with disabilities. Giving them a future and the feeling of being part of society is particularly important to Guruguru Safaris.

Corona hits the poorest particularly hard. The already scarce money is even scarcer. And so, the project “Guruguru Safaris Charity – Affair of the heart” was born from the crisis.

Be the children’s hero!

With your help, Guruguru Safaris wants to increase its commitment to the Patandi school and has put together various hero packages for you: You have the opportunity to support individual children for a whole school year or to buy important things locally – such as a fruit tree for healthy nutrition, a bicycle to shorten distances, or a mosquito net to prevent Malaria. Whether you are committed parents of a support association, member of a sports club or an active poker group, a responsible company or just an individual: the children of the Patandi School need heroes like you!

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