Tanzania is enormous and diverse, which means that the experiences we offer vary tremendously, from region to region- don’t worry we know Tanzania. Guruguru safaris introduces you to every aspect of Tanzania: from wildlife to the summit, in the bush to observing nature unfold in the wild or getting to know our real taste of our country, our heritage and culture. We have been conducting different variety of experiences you can partake in – all combine to make your safari meaningful, immersive and hence we call “the journey of your lifetime”.

Day trips

On these special day trips you will learn more about the country, its tribes and above all their history. You will experience up close how the social fabric without a leader works and the motivations for a partially nomadic way of life. Over thousands of years, these tribal cultures managed to keep their traditions an way of life. Now you have the opportunity to get an insight into the interesting everyday life of the Maasai and the Hadzabe.

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Adventure Safaris

On our Tanzania budget safaris you will be immersed in the East African wilderness. You will travel on rough adventurous roads, pass tiny rural settlements and see fascinating landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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Premium Safaris

Mid range safaris are for the discerning traveller who wishes to experience Eastern Africa’s wilderness in comfort and ease. During the day, you will be out in the bush exploring the wilderness of Tanzania and in the evenings you will enjoy all the amenities your lodge or tented camp has to offer.

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Lodge Safaris

A lodge safari is designed to give you the best what Tanzania has to offer. The best in hand-picked luxury accommodation – stylish 4 to 5-star lodges with comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms, exquisite cuisine and breathtaking views.

We employ the best guides – experienced and professional guys who will take you where the action is, allowing you to get the best photos and the best views. Let our advisors put together the ideal safari for you according to yourwishes.

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