A festival for children with disabilities: Gurguguru Safaris inivites to Barbecue

It is noon in Tengeru, a town not far from Arusha. At 28 degrees Celsius, it is a mild day in Northeastern Tanzania. In the yard of the Patandi School it smells deliciously of fried food, Chicken, goat and beef, while giddy laughter of children resounds in the wind. Guruguru Safaris is celebrating the end of a difficult (school) year by means of a barbecue for the 103 children from Patandi School along with their teachers.

Children need more than love!

The teachers at the Patandi School committedly and lovingly take care of their students with handicaps love. It’s a mixed group: deaf, blind and mute children, children with spasticity, Down Syndrome and other physical and mental handicaps. Their requirements and goals are as individual as each child. As the godfather of some students, Guruguru Safaris is committed to the welfare of the joyfully, noisy crowd; “Help is needed right now, because the children need more than love,” Peter Osmund Mpponda from Guruguru Safaris says.

Tanzania and especially this region suffers under the corona pandemic and the missing tourists. Because: Arusha is the center of Tanzanian tourism and it’s the most important branch of the economy for the region. That concerns also the Patandi School. So now it’s time for a cheerful feast where the children can eat, completely worriless” Peter from Guruguru Safaris thought and then he organized a barbecue for the Department of Handicaps of the Patandi school on December 10, 2020.

A day full of joy and touching pictures

The organizing of the barbeque was not easy with the special catering of over 100 children – but thanks to Peter and the teacher Anna Shayo, a couple kilos of rice, lots of vegetables and heaps of chicken, goat and beef was brought to the school for more than 10 chefs to prepare. The chefs started preparing the meal at 9 a.m. sharp: four hours of chopping, cooking vegetables, frying meat and boiling rice. Finally! The buffet was up – ready for the rush of children. Each child was provided with a plate and they were allowed to help themselves from the various dishes. They ate and laughed for more than one hour. It was a day full of joy. And affectionate pictures …

Get to know and love Tanzania

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