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We offer wildlife safaris, mountain treks, cultural tours, and much more. The team at Guruguru Safaris has the best insider tips.

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Guruguru Safaris has a capable and dedicated team in various regions of Tanzania who are incredibly passionate about what they do. Every Guruguru Safari guide will provide you with an unforgettable experience like no other! At Guruguru Safaris, we warmly welcome you with open arms and big smiles to help you explore Tanzania to the fullest. Tanzania is a country with beautiful nature, wonderful people, and a rich culture. Let us assist you in enjoying your adventure here! In the friendship and partnership of Guruguru Safaris founders, Peter and Ralf, there is a lot of trust and high appreciation. They complement each other perfectly, each bringing their individual skills and visions. Peter and Ralf are on the same page and invest a lot of time and energy in leading this company. Guruguru Safaris is committed to achieving its goals by ensuring high quality and customer-oriented thinking and action. Their aim is to provide an unforgettable experience through Tanzania and to showcase the beauty and culture that has shaped them in many ways. Start your own adventure with Guruguru Safaris!

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Do you already know our Guruguru Cafe?

Welcome to Guruguru Cafe in Arusha!

Here, you’ll find not only delicious coffee and homemade cakes but also warm conversations and a cozy atmosphere. Come and experience a moment of relaxation filled with enjoyment and camaraderie!

Don’t forget to say hello to Meibaku. He is the man behind these delightful treats, and we’re grateful to have him as an integral part of Guruguru Cafe.

Our cafe is not just any cafe; it proudly claims the title of the BEST cafe between Cape Town and Cairo! Yes, you read that right! We are here to redefine the coffee scene and offer you the finest brews, tempting treats, and exceptional service.

Guruguru Cafe is our meeting point before embarking on a safari or when we return to relax, have a meal, and discuss all the exciting adventures we’ve had during our hikes, dives, or safari tours.