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Travel the way you want

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National Parks

National Parks

Tanzania‘s national parks offer a breathtaking diversity of landscapes and wildlife.

Photo Safari

Photo Safari

Our photo safaris can be as individual as the photographer’s own perspective.

Night Safari

Night Safari

On a night safari, you experience how the wilderness comes alive in the darkness.

Balloon Safari

Balloon Safari

A balloon safari gives you a unique overview of the wildlife.

Safari on foot

Safari on foot

Explore Tanzania‘s beauty on foot at a leisurely pace – accompanied by an experienced guide.

Incentive Trips

Incentive Trips

Reward your employees with real adventures in the Tanzanian wilderness.

Day Tours

Day Tours

Take a detour into the wilderness or dive into the diverse culture of Tanzania.

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How long does a safari take?

The duration of a safari in Tanzania can vary depending on your individual plans and preferences. Tanzania offers various safari options, including day trips, short weekend getaways, and longer safari journeys that can span several days.

Short safaris often last between 2 to 4 days and focus on specific national parks or wildlife reserves. An average safari week can last around 5 to 7 days, providing a more comprehensive experience that includes multiple parks and wildlife viewing areas.

There are also special safari packages that go on for 10 days or more, offering deeper insights into Tanzania’s wildlife and nature. It’s important to plan in advance and discuss with Guruguru Safaris the exact duration of your safari to ensure it aligns with your expectations and travel goals.

What animals can you see in Tanzania?

Animals you can see in Tanzania:

  • Elephants: These majestic creatures can be found in many of Tanzania’s national parks.
  • Lions: The famous “Big Five” are native to Tanzania, including lions.
  • Leopards: These elusive big cats are also part of the Big Five and can be spotted in some parks.
  • Buffalos: The final member of the Big Five, buffalos are seen in different parts of the country.
  • Rhinos: Although they have become rarer, there are conservation programs in place in certain reserves.
  • Cheetahs: Fast and elegant hunters often seen on the savannahs.
  • Hippos and Crocodiles: These animals are native to the rivers and lakes, like the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve.
  • Giraffes: These graceful animals are found in many national parks.
  • Zebras, wildebeests, and antelopes: These animals populate the plains and savannas in large herds.
  • Various bird species: Tanzania is also a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with a variety of species, from birds of prey to colorful songbirds.

Animals that are rarer:

  • Chimpanzees: These primates are mainly found in the Gombe Stream National Park.
  • Wild Dogs: They are less common than other predators but can be spotted in some parks.
  • Sitatungas and Sable Antelopes: These species are shy and hard to find.
  • African Bat-Eared Fox: These foxes are rare and elusive.
  • African Pangolins: These scaled creatures are nocturnal and very reclusive.

Is there electricity during the safari?

Yes, during a safari in Tanzania, there is often electricity supply, at least in most lodges, camps, and hotels designed for tourists. These accommodations typically have power generators or alternative energy sources such as solar power. However, in more remote safari areas, especially in mobile tented camps, you may find that electricity supply is limited or available only at certain times.

It’s advisable to communicate with us before your safari to get precise information about the type of electricity supply available at your safari accommodations. This way, you can prepare accordingly and, if needed, take additional measures like bringing power banks or other mobile chargers to ensure you have enough power for your electronic devices during your safari.

Is it possible to go on a safari with children?

Yes, going on a safari with children is entirely doable and can be a fantastic experience for the whole family. However, it’s important to plan the safari in a way that caters to the needs and comfort of the children. Guruguru Safaris offers family-friendly safari options, so feel free to reach out to us personally for more information.

When planning a safari with children, it’s crucial to choose child-friendly accommodations that offer family rooms or other child-oriented facilities. Opting for shorter safari routes is also advisable to minimize travel time and ensure that children aren’t overwhelmed. During the safari, breaks should be scheduled to allow the children to move around and avoid extended periods in the vehicle.

Bringing along toys, books, and games to keep the children engaged during the journey is a good idea. Safety is a top priority, so children should always be supervised during wildlife observations and activities.

With the right planning and preparation, a safari can become an educational and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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