Come together

Meeting place for gourmets and adventurers

The Guruguru Café is a meeting place for coffee lovers, adventurers, friends and gourmets. Our food and drink menu invites you on a culinary journey through Tanzania and the world.
Our bistro café offers numerous tea and coffee specialties, breakfast and baked goods as well as regional specialties and international snacks. As the official meeting point of Guruguru Safaris, it is also the starting and landing point for unique excursions into the wilderness, history and culture of Tanzania.

More than just a cafe

But there is more to discover: stories of adventures, friends and shared visions. It’s a place where people come together, where they chill out and enjoy life.

And it’s a place where dreams come true – like Meibaku’s. He is the man behind the delicious baked goods and a former pupil of Patandi School, whom we have been following since he was a child. As a deaf person, he would have had little chance of gaining a foothold in working life. We gave him an education – and now he treats us to the best delicacies every day.

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