Adventures Need Heroes

There is only one thing more expensive in the long run than education, and that is no education.

John F. Kennedy

We Enable Futures

We love Tanzania: its nature, its wild animals, but most of all its people. That‘s why we support the children of Patandi School in Tengeru, a village near Arusha. We aim to provide futures for young people, with and without disabilities – and we are looking for more heroes! Will you join us?

Because Education is a Matter of the Heart

Our nature is your adventure, but our heart lies with education. Therefore, we are committed to those for whom education is a luxury.

While Patandi School is state-run and the teaching itself is free, attending it involves many other costs. Many families cannot afford these. These include money for food, clothing, school supplies, medicine, and much more. We want to change this with your help!

How You Can Help- Ways to Support

There are many ways to support. You can either support individual children, or help us acquire essential items locally. We have put together various hero packages for you. You are also welcome to contact us personally

Our Hero Packages

The heroes behind the charity project

Peter Osmund Mponda from Guruguru Safaris provides his guests with unique experiences in Tanzania as a safari guide. He takes care of the implementation of the aid measures on-site.

Ralf Sandner supports the aid measures from Germany. Since his first visit to Tanzania in 2012, the country has become a second home to him and the well-being of its people a matter of the heart.