Whoever gives, wins!

According to that motto, our managing directors Peter Osmund Mponda and Ralf Sandner shape their life and work. The same philosophy is shared by a global entrepreneur network called BNI, where Peter and Ralf are members. The network is organized and divided in regional teams and has the primary function of referral marketing.

BNI causes a movement

Members of the Business Network keep their eyes and ears open for each other in order to generate additional revenue through business recommendations. The foundation is built on trust, which increases every week by meetings and personal conversations. The general idea behind it is to cooperate as a team and not against each other. BNI has more than 240,000 members and is represented in more than 8,500 teams worldwide.

Networking across continents

Since 2016 Ralf has been an active member of BNI, at first only with his business based in Wetzlar, Germany “Heinemann Optik & Akustik” and now as well with “Guruguru Safaris”.

Since “Guruguru Safaris” was established Ralf and the members of BNI have started to think more globally.  As a result, Peter and Ralf met and connected with the BNI Executive Director from Tanzania, Bijay Shah. 

Networking in Africa – like a family

Following the invitation by Bijay Shah Peter and Ralf visited the BNI team in Dar Es Sallam, called Amani. Peter and Ralf have had a good feeling and Peter decided to become a member of the BNI team in Dar Es Sallam. Since then Peter feels at ease with BNI and they work together as a family does.

Networks in Germany – welcomed with open arms

In Summer 2019 Peter visited Germany for five weeks. Together with Ralf they explored a lot of places and Peter learned a lot about the country and its people/lifestyle. Obviously, they visited various BNI teams all around Germany, who expanded their possibilities by establishing new contacts and sharing their knowledge. 

A new team arises in Arusha

Peter is enthusiastic about BNI. Therefore, he is encouraged to introduce another BNI team in Arusha, Tanzania. Although Armani is a great team, the distance is too far. The whole trip is 1,400 kilometers long and consequently Peter can’t attend weekly to the meetings.  Peter has a sanguine view towards the formation of a new team in Arusha at the end of 2019. 

It is safe to say: the first team member will be Peter Osmund Mponda with “Guruguru Safaris”. 

Are you interested in Network Marketing?

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur with strategic recommendation marketing, use the BNI network. We would be happy to invite you to one of our meetings in Wetzlar, Germany orTanzania.

Contact Peter (TANZANIA) by e-mail:  p.mponda@gurugurusafaris.com

or send Ralf (GERMANY) a message: r.sandner@gurugurusafaris.com