Two of a kind

An epic and individual tailored variety of experiences and trips awaits at Guruguru Safaris. From wildlife safaris, to beach vacations, historical and cultural tours through Tanzania, climbing the Kilimanjaro and other sport tours through Tanzania – whatever you aspire, you will find it at Guruguru Safaris Ltd. Formed by Ralf Sandner and Peter Osmund Guruguru Safaris is present in Tanzania and as well in Germany. Together they are a special team, who make Guruguru Safaris unique and possible. If you want to find out more about their story and how their partnership and cooperation set up, please continue to read…

Ralf’s way to Tanzania

Ralf is an optician and the director of Heinemann Optik & Akustik in Wetzlar, Germany. In 2012 Ralf visited Tanzania for the first time and worked in Tengeru as a volunteer at a school for mentally and physically disabled children. The people and the whole country with its’ spirit changed his mind and his way of thinking and he decided to continue his volunteer work. Since then he regularly visits schools and children’s orphanage to check their eyes and manufactures individual glasses for the children and adults.

Peter’s journey into the tourism business

Peter was born and raised in Tanzania. He grew up in Dar Es Salaam, the biggest and most important city in Tanzania when it comes to tourism and economic aspects. After finishing High School, Peter went to College where he undertook a safari guide program. While studying, Peter completed one semester in Finland, where he learned a lot about the different culture and lifestyle. This experience has broadened his horizon and made him more open-minded.

How Peter’s and Ralf’s paths crossed

In 2017 Peter and Ralf met for the first time in Zanzibar. Ralf took part in a guiding tour, where luckily Peter was the authorized guide. Peter’s knowledge, organization and hospitality satisfied Ralf and a friendship was formed. One year later, Ralf went on a safari tour with Peter as the guide through the Serengeti National Park and The Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

One morning, while drinking a coffee on safari, Ralf and Peter shared their business ideas. Peter told Ralf about his vision to form a company called Guruguru and Ralf recognized the potential in his ideas and plans. At the end of this safari, a partnership has been set up.

A company has been formed

A lot of trust and high appreciation can be found in the friendship and partnership of the founders of Guruguru Safaris, Peter and Ralf. They complete each other perfectly, and everyone brings in his individual skills and visions. Peter and Ralf are on the same page and invest a lot of time and energy in running this business.

Guruguru Safaris is determined to achieve their goals by ensuring high quality and a client orientated thinking and acting. Their aim is to provide an unforgettable experience through Tanzania and show others the beauty and culture which shaped them in several aspects.

Start your own adventure with Guruguru Safaris

Tell us about yours plans, get in touch for advice, and let us know how we can make your trip special. No matter if you want to experience a safari, have a cultural or historical tour, climb the Kilimanjaro or just want to relax and enjoy a beach holiday – we are there to tailor your trip individually and make sure you are safe and pleased.

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