Experience the plain of Serengeti from the bird’s eye view

‘The reason why birds can fly and we cant is because they are full of confidence and those who are confident grow wings’ – Sir James Matthew Barrie

We at Guruguru Safaris with our great team with confidence we give you the reason why we would like to explore and fly with you with the hot air balloon (Balloon Safari) over the beautiful African savannah in the centre of the Serengeti called Seronera.

This area is a heartbeat hotspot for wildlife habitant for Big five and other species.

The point of view

– The balloon safari gives you a unique sightseeing of overview of the wildlife along the Serengeti plain which is truly adventure experience.

During the exploration with the silent moment on the sky over the seronera area you will experience different sounds from the ground of grazing animals such as zebras, antelopes and wildebeest and hippos along the pools and water streams, usually the balloon can be lowered up to 3 meters above the ground so that you can have the best chance to spot species and even to feel the dust of the wildebeest during the migration running as the eagle lifted up to embrace the Sun during the Sunrise view, what a spectacular experience.

The adventure begins

The adventure begin with a wake up call early in the morning at 4.00 a.m, after a half an hour of self preparation the driver guides are ready to welcome you on board ready to be transferred to a launch site before the sunrise.

On the way to a launch site you get to experience the sounds of Hyenas voice chanting and Lion roar around the plain soon you get spotted with the shining eyes through the road aside probably the pride of lion on their hunting mission which is 70% takes at night what a great adventure uh!?

Arriving at launch site, you get a short briefly about the balloon flight while you cheer up your morning with a cup of coffee or tea depending on your wishes, soon the crews provides the belts to you while the process preparing balloon continuous by heating the air.

The way to enter into the basket is very interesting , unlike the traditional direct walk into the basket, the basket placed on the ground so you are not standing upright, lying in waiting fort he crews to finalise the air burning so that the balloon to turn up and ready to fly on the sky and the basket will be hung up and you will naturally stand upright with the hanging belt.

Remember the drone is not allowed on the Serengeti plain, so taking a hot air balloon is the only way  you can get a birds eye view and a photography from the sky.

‘Once upon a time in Africa‘…

After landing , we will give you a little insight into the history of the balloon balloon flight with a champagne reception.

And to top it all off the bush breakfast is waiting for you under acacia trees in the middle of the Serengeti, then we embrace the moment together because as we often have this experience as our work cherishing the moment by singing and reviewing the flying balloon with the crew serving you a superb breakfast and after that we keep the memory by taking a pictures and handling over your certificate as you made a flight over the Serengeti plain.

It is a day that you will certainly tell your grandchildren about ‚‘Once upon a time in Africa‘…
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