Fishing in Zanzibar with reporter and book author Günter Kast

Deep sea fishing in Zanzibar means catching marlin, swordfish or tuna in front of a fantastic backdrop. Such trips are magical moments to every angler. For travel reporter Günter Kast, it’s equally work and pleasure in equal measure.

Günter Kast writes for Spiegel online, FAZ, Süddeutsche and Focus online, but also for trade journals such as Global Game Angler and Blinker.

Globetrotter meets Guruguru Safaris

His reports took Günter Kast to about 90 countries in the world usually accompanied by a fishing rod. His great passion being fly fishing. At last – In the middle oft the pandemic –  the globe trotter came to Tansania and Zanzibar.

Well prepared – with the help of Guruguru Safaris 

Being well prepared for his trips Günter Kast found in Guruguru Safaris with excellent reviews the best provider for his fishing trip to / through Zanzibar. And we are glad that such a good travel reporter recounts about our beautiful country.

Cast off

The best time for fishing is early in the morning, before sunrise / the sun comes up. Thus (we – ) Günter Kast, Captain Kombo, his deputy Chantel, boat boy Ali and me, Peter Osmund Mponda from Guruguru Safaris started early from Nungwi Beach by catamaran with the best food on the high seas.

Zrrrrrrrrr – a sea bream 

We sailed along the north coast of the island where the deep sea begins. 20 minutes later, a “Zrrrrrrrrr” sounded. Carefully, but with all his might, Günter caught his first fish: a sea bream. Further exertion and a few fish later, the sun in the sky heralded the end of the “deep sea fishing in Zanzibar” experience. Everyone being tired, but very happy!

Book tip: In March 2021, Günter Kast published a book we would like to recommend to the anglers among you: “Fly fishing on six continents” published by Müller Rüschlikon-Verlag.

Do you dream of deep sea fishing in Zanzibar, too, then contact us!